• Helping Bike Magazine understand if semi-active damping works


  • Benchmark analysis of production motorcycles to understand their ride frequency and comfort


  • Measuring torque and power in real-time at the rear wheel of a motorcycle


  • Measuring the rotating inertia of wheels

GTME believes in a measurement based approach to motorcycle engineering


Through our close links with KA Sensors we can access a wide variety of sensors to suit specific applications


Our link with KA Sensors also allows GTME to incorporate sensors into components


The accuracy of IPG Motorcycle Maker simulation studies is directly related to the quality and accuracy of the input data.  GTME is now actively working on ways to measure the data required.  This is leading GTME to develop expertise in measuring the following:


  • Wheel rotating inertias
  • Tyre coefficient of friction
  • Real-time power measurements at the rear wheel
  • Aerodynamic coefficients