GTME is utilising the power of IPG's MotorcycleMaker software to predict the performance and behaviour of motorcycles


IPG MotorcycleMaker allows sophisticated vehicle dynamic simulations to be conducted, using a very detailed fully parametric motorcycle model


GTME is now using this software to predict the performance of motorcycles.  Virtual tests can be conducted,  allowing the vehicle's chassis to be optimised before any prototypes are manufactured


The use of simulation software allows GTME to build working prototypes with a high degree of confidence, as well as minimising expensive real-world testing and development

GTME can simulate strength tests on components, using Solidworks' Simulation FEA package.


We can simulate the exact material properties, forces, and restraint conditions to provide an accurate assessment of a components strength and stiffness, before it is manufactured.  We have the capability to double-check the FEA results with industry standard hand calculations.


The FEA data allows GTME to optimise and refine a component, saving valuable time and costs.  The FEA analysis can help understand a components natural frequency, its deflection under load, or where local stress concentrations may be occurring.  All of which can be studied to improve the design before a single physical component is made